March 14, 2008


Indonesian is rich with great heritages, and one of them is its food. The wide area of its archipelago makes the various tastes and looks of Indonesian food. The sweetness, the sourness, the saltiness, the hotness and the combination of two kinds of them of even three or four of them make Indonesian cooking is deserved to be tasted. And I know you love to cook and can't wait to try these Indonesian Recipes. ^.^

Most of Indonesian recipes use lots of spices and herbs. Chili, Ginger, Onion and Garlic is common ingredients for making Indonesian Food. It’s not only tasted good but also healthy.Many foreigners love Indonesian Food because of its unique taste and experience to handle those spices in their mouth.

So, here they are recipes of Indonesian cullinery that you can try in your hometown. You can find the ingredients in your local market, especially China Town Market and Indian Town Market. HAPPY COOKING!!!

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Yachting Celebrities said...

I love Indonesian food. We have only one Indonesian restaurant where I live. I'll be back to visit your site for more.